So you’re wanting to create a blog post on Great! Here’s a few guidelines for submitting a guest blog post.

1. Please make sure that the content is original. Not posted on any other website for example. Plagiarism is also not cool, so please don’t do it. If you’re quoting something from elsewhere on the web, make sure you add quotation marks and the source from where it was taken. It let’s the original creator know that you’re not trying to pass it off as your own content.

2. Also make sure that any images you use, you have permission to use them and they are not copyrighted. Ensure any images are of a reasonable size (a minimum of around 700 pixels high and wide).

3. Try and keep what you’re wanting to share relevant to this website (technology, video games, news, reviews, tips, tricks etc.) Of course you’re not limited to just these topics, as long as it’s well written.

4. Ensure you make use of good spelling, punctuation and grammar. Proofreading is always a good idea. Of course if there were any minor errors, they can be corrected if required before the post is published. Also ensure the post is at least 400 words long.

5. Free promotion! If you’d like, your social network links can be inserted into the post, allowing more people to find you and your content.

6. Your post may be adjusted in areas for suitability on the website.

7. Your post is not guaranteed to be accepted, if it’s inappropriate it certainly won’t be accepted, if it needs a little work before it’s published I’ll let you know.

8. That’s more or less the guidelines. Thank you for reading this and writing for

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