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This page contains everything you could want to know about the MC.JHDMAXX.COM Minecraft server. If you feel there is anything that hasn’t been covered in this page then please contact me here. Also feel free to suggest anything that may improve MC.JHDMAXX.COM If you’d prefer not to use the contact form, you can email me here:

The Server’s History

MC.JHDMAXX.COM was launched in early 2011 and has since grown to epic proportions. The server was initially started by Jhdmaxx (Josh Hadley) with assistance from WirelessSpider (James Loftus) when the CraftBukkit server management software was implemented. The first players to build on the server were Jhdmaxx, WirelessSpider, Robbromwell, Paftiking, Tassimo, Kakarot113, JamesK93 and JackLoftus. These individuals are who really made it work and who built all of the amazing creations that you can find on the server today. They are also the maintainers, administrators and active residents of the world “Alpha” where the default spawn location is situated.

The Worlds

Alpha is the original world in the server and is also known as the VIP world, this is due to it being sand-boxed from guests who join the server. In Alpha, you cannot build or destroy anything unless you are an Admin. This is merely a precautionary measure to protect existing structures on the server. The admins are usually found in this world building various things. Feel free to stop by and spectate. Alpha also contains the default spawn location, if you die you will be sent to this spawn location or the last bed you slept in.

Beta is the open world in which anyone can build anything. Featuring the Towny and McMMO Craft plugins, you can expect a more vivid Minecraft experience. Also featuring a working economy system, you can buy and sell items and services to your heart’s content. This world also happens to be survival ONLY.

The Commands

On the server players can make use of commands and they are as follows:

Towny Commands


/towny prices – shows prices for towns

/town new [town name]– creates a town where you are stood

/town claim – claims area you are stood in (Must be next to your town)

/town unclaim – unclaims town block you are in

/town add [player name]– invites named player to your town

/town kick [player name]– kicks named player out of your town

/town spawn – takes you to your town home block

/town taxes [price]– sets the cost collected from each resident in the town per day

/town deposit [amount]– adds money from your wallet to towns wallet

/town withdraw [amount]– takes money from town wallet to your wallet

/town delete [your town name]– deletes your town

/town online – shows player who are currently online in your town

/plot claim – claims a town block as a plot

/plot forsale [price]– sets a plot of land in your town for sale for set price

Iconomy commands

/money – shows the amount of money in your wallet

/money top – shows players with the most amount of money

/money pay [players name][amount]

McMMO Craft Commands

/mcmmo – shows general McMMO craft help

/stats – shows current skill level including current exp and total needed to level up

/[skillname]– displays information on specific skill

/party – view information on your current party

/party create [name][password]– create or joins named party

/party join [player][password]– Leaves current party

/party leave – quits your current party

/party invite [player name]– invites a player to your current party

/party accept – accepts an invite to join a party