Hi, I’m Josh. I create content online featuring technology, video games, news, reviews, tips, tricks and anything else that interests me.


I’m really not that interesting, but here’s a few more facts about me:

– You could probably class me as a “geek”.

– I use as many platforms as possible to allow me to explore new and different experiences. (Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Linux etc.)

– I’ve likely owned more mobile phones than the average person.

– I’ve created some inexplicably popular Minecraft videos.

– The “Jhd” in Jhdmaxx is actually my initials.

– I’m partial to a bit of casual web design.

– I’m an avid fan of Doctor Who.

– I dismantled many things as a child to see how they worked. (I couldn’t always put them back together.)

– Sci-fi is arguably my favourite movie genre.

– I have an advanced diploma in I.T and a BTEC in motor vehicle engineering.



Q: When is your next video?

A: There’s no strict schedule, I work full time so it’s primarily when I have the time.


Q: What do you use to create your videos?

A: For my video editing I use Final Cut Pro and I either use my early 2008 Mac Pro connected to 2 x 27″ displays (at 2560 x 1440 a piece!) for the more intensive stuff or I use my late 2011 13″ Macbook Pro. For recording camera videos I usually just use my iPhone. For recording my screen I usually use an application called Screenflow for OS X. For recording videos from a game console I use the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, this is usually then connected to my Macbook Pro booted into a Windows partition.


Q: How did you create your website?

A: The website runs on WordPress, hosted by Tsohost and the domain was registered by GoDaddy. I usually purchase themes via the Envato marketplace and tailor them to my requirements using the built in WordPress PHP, CSS and HTML editors. I also use Adobe Fireworks to manipulate and produce images and occasionally Adobe Dreamweaver, TextWrangler, and Notepad ++  for HTML and CSS editing.

Oh, and you can save up to 10% on hosting by Tsohost by using my referral link or using the code “jhdmaxx” at checkout!


Q: Where do you get your inspiration for your Minecraft creations?

A: For the houses, most of them are entirely freestyle and sometimes they’re inspired by a combination of real-life designs that I may have seen on the web.


Q: Make a download! (Minecraft creations)

A: I’ve already provided downloads for certain creations and these are usually highlighted on both this website and on my YouTube channel. There are certain creations that I’d rather not create a download for (or simply can’t). The likes of my older Minecraft houses featured on my YouTube video are gone, so it’s not really possible to create downloads for them. Some are just too difficult to cut out and create a download for (the likes of the house on my server).