What is Jhdmaxx?

Jhdmaxx is a small online technology oriented content network created by Josh Hadley. The content includes such things as technology, news, reviews, opinions, ideas and tutorials. This content is delivered through the use of blogging, social media and video streaming.

Who is Josh Hadley?

Technologist and a zealous advocate of geekery. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of most technology related things and I am able to translate technology-speak into everyday language.

I have always enjoyed knowing how things work, mostly with gadgetry and gizmos, taking apart and putting things together since I learnt to walk and talk, taking apart my first computer at the age of 8 out of shear curiosity as to what was inside and how it worked. I’ve always enjoyed helping others with problems and technology is one of my strongest interests. I enjoy exchanging opinions and knowledge about technology with other people and I am open minded in terms of new concepts or methods. I enjoy listening to other people’s opinions and I appreciate being able to view things from other people’s perspectives. Although I am a full-time geek I can easily get by with the absence of technology and due to a humble upbringing, I don’t take for granted the technology that is at my disposal and I don’t allow technology to cloud my judgement, personally, professionally or financially.

A while ago I started using software that I found interesting and made my own various projects. These usually involved simple animation, graphic manipulation and acute video editing. None of these projects were ever released online. More recently I decided to make content full-time and so my website came into being. At first the content I was creating was somewhat of a hobby until I started to get some recognition and noticed a small but vibrant community forming. I then thought ideas of how to make money off of the content I was producing. And so I put in place content monetization services to allow me to easily make money from what I was doing. Many were and still are curious about my schedule but I simply create and distribute when I can. I have other skills that I am continuously working on, web design, image manipulation and video editing are some of the skills I continue to work on.

I love trying new technology in regards to hardware and software and I use virtually any current and active platform I can get my hands on to further my knowledge on them. These include Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Linux. In the past I have created website related projects for family, friends and acquaintances, but no longer if only due to the stress, lack of communication and extended support timescales the web development business entails. A service I can still provide however is basic web development consultation.

Despite having a large and growing number of internet followers I would never class myself as an “internet celebrity” despite popular belief. I have come to understand more and more that even though figures might come across as impressive on the internet, the internet is still a vast and seemingly endless nexus of information and possibilities, and with geek content production accelerating faster than ever, it is extremely difficult to stay “ahead” and even more difficult to provide something different as opposed to doing what every other geek does.

So to sum me up and my current career, Hello I’m Josh, I am the creator of a technology oriented content network, the forger of a small community of geeks and I am a geek who makes money out of being myself. I also work full-time (six days a week in fact!) in a bathroom showroom and so I’m definitely on my way to becoming a geek on bathroom equipment too!