How to Change The Language, Accent & Gender of Siri


Siri has a huge selection of languages to choose from, and did you know you can change the accent and gender too? Here’s how to change the language or accent of Siri. Please note that Siri isn’t available on all iOS devices. In regards to the accent, the accent of Siri at a virtual assistant level cannot be changed to a particularly large degree, but rather the voice on your iOS device which is used for text-to-speech and voice assistance can be changed to more accents.

Open the settings app and tap on “General”. Now tap on “Siri”, tapping on “Language” will reveal the full list of languages that Siri is available in, tap on your required language to enable. There may be multiple of what is effectively the same language such as “English (United Kingdom)” and “English (United States)”. Tap on “Voice Gender” to change the gender of Siri and tap on the preferred gender to enable. Please note that different voice genders may not be available for all languages.

To change the accent for other speech-enabled areas of iOS, go back to “General” in settings, then “Accessibility”, then tap on “Speak Selection”. Now tap on “Voices” then tap on your required language, we’ll use English here as an example. Now you should be able to see the available accents, so for English we have United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa, tap on the slider for “Speaking Rate” to preview each voice. And that’s pretty much it.

If you have any extra tips regarding changing languages, accents and genders of Siri, be sure to leave them in the comments below.

I also did a couple of videos a while back detailing how to make your iOS device read to you and how to change Siri’s language and accent in iOS 6. Be sure to check those out.


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