Minecraft House Tour: Redstone Edition


It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Minecraft house tour video and in celebration of our now over 10,000 YouTube subscriber count and over 5,000,000 video views, I give you the third iteration of the Minecraft house tour videos. The redstone edition.

In this video I give you a tour around my fully redstone automated Minecraft house. The house features a dark wood and cobblestone exterior, a stained clay and sandstone interior, multiple elevations, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a home office, a library, an attic, a basement full of laboratories, a living room, an indoor pool, a games room, a kitchen, a dining room, a garage and an outside shed. The house also features working concealed redstone lightning systems and concealed redstone shower systems.

The house is much smaller than the two previous iterations but the more compact design allowed me to focus more on the interior and minimising the wasted space and the number of empty rooms. The house was designed bottom up to facilitate the use of concealed redstone systems via the use of cavity walls, floors and ceilings.

The main exterior design and framework of the house took a couple of days to build whilst the interior of the house is constantly under development.

If you’d like to see the YouTube video, you can watch it below or watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

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Thank you to all of my wonderful YouTube viewers for taking this channel to a level I never thought it would reach.


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  1. Hi Ummm Well i kinda want to know the server cause i did typed down in the minecraft the server it worked but its not creative :/ please respond

  2. I will subscribe if you put the house for download, thank you ^-^ The house it looks awesome! I can’t build this, it’s so complicated

  3. I liked it very much, but I tried to make the house not normally could not do it properly if you have it with us and we do the download site rendering it sulfate resistant

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    please i will subscribe you and tell my friend to subscribe you but please give us the download link i swear i’m not lying please

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