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Yes, the Minecraft server which you can visit by adding MC.JHDMAXX.COM into your Minecraft client server list (PC only) has been updated and I’d like to thank my friend James for all of his hard work revamping the server. Figuratively speaking the server had pretty much been the same since it’s launch back in 2011 and it came to a point recently where the server just wasn’t going anywhere and the guest building world (Beta) was in complete disorder. That’s all changed now with the introductions of some of the features and plugins I’m about to highlight. Please note that at this point the server is still undergoing changes to further improve your gaming experience.

The first order of business is in the form of a sincere apology. If you’ve visited the server previously, it’s likely that anything you’ve built has vanished and your inventory cleared. This is due to the way we have upgraded the server unfortunately. However it means that you’ll be able to start from a totally clean slate.

The second point is a piece of good news. We’re now running the server on it’s own professional dedicated server, whereas before I was simply hosting it from home. It worked well but my network just wasn’t cut out for running the server in the end. So you should expect a dramatic improvement in performance on the server, providing that you have a good internet connection which unfortunately is something we just can’t control. I used the service MCProHosting to host the server.

And now onto the plugins and features. The basic structure of the server still remains the same. There’s two worlds Alpha (a world in which guests cannot build or destroy) and Beta (a world in which guests can build in). The live map remains unchanged and can still be found by going to map.jhdmaxx.com in your preferred internet browser. The new plugins and their functions are as follows:

Buycraft – This plugin is not fully set up as of yet but we’re working on making more available packages soon. This plugin basically allows you to buy (with actual currency via PayPal) tools and item packs. So where as before you had to mine and process to obtain all of your tools and items, you can simply purchase item and tool packs. The way it will work is simple, we’ll set up a URL “buy.jhdmaxx.com” for example, you can go there and let’s say you wanted the brick essentials pack, in which contained 4 stacks of brick, 1 stack of glass, 3 doors, and a stack of wood. You can purchase the item pack and it will then be automatically sent to your inventory (the process usually takes around 5 minutes). And so it would be that simple! And we’d then make a small profit from transactions to further expand the server and to pay for the labour of building and maintaining the server. So as mentioned it’s not available on the server yet but it’s certainly coming soon.

ChestShop – This plugin will allow you to buy and sell items with chests with in-game currency. This is linked to another plugin which brings us neatly onto iConomy.

iConomy – iConomy is the in-game currency system which allows you to earn money and exchange the money for goods and services within the game.

McMMO – This plugin enhances the Minecraft experience by creating a more immersive RPG oriented multiplayer gaming system.

So as mentioned previously, the basic structure of the server has not changed but it may take some getting used to. We are currently working on updating the Minecraft server information page to help you better understand what you can do on the server and how you can do it.

I’d just also like to personally thank all players for visiting the server and would hope that you all enjoy the new changes to the server.



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  1. I hope my house is ok… it took a long time to make.

    Also it good to see you are evolving the server to the next level! This dedicated hosting should really boost speeds and help the server handle more traffic.

  2. I don’t have 1.6.4 I have 1.5.2 though! I wanted to go on… plus, I got minecraft on a flashdrive so I have the free version and free version stops at 1.5.2 :(. That really stinks for my brother and I who are total MC freaks! Even though I’m only 10 and he’s only 13, he and I just freak out over it!!!

  3. wow… i just realized how much of a noob i really am! I JUST SNEAK ATTACKED BY A CREEPER THEN SHOT TWICE BY A SKELETON AND HIT BY ABOUT 5 ZOMBIES AT ONCE!!!!!

  4. I hate creepers………. and skeletons……….. and zombies……… and endermen………. and spiders…….. and cave spiders……… and any other attacking mobs in vinnella (i just totally spelled that wrong) mc i missed!!!!

  5. I must say me and my friends love your houses on your server. I myself run my own server from my house and we would like to ask if itès possible to obtain a copy of your server world. one of my friends can only access internet when he is at my house, he cannot access it at his own place which is why he would love a copy to explore at home. if itès not possible that is ok, I thought I would ask anyway.

  6. When was the most recent server restart? Because you know about MountainShadows, i’m the mayor.

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